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Get Started with the PTPRM Council

The PTPRM On-Boarding Kit includes the mission of the council, industry and vendor memo templates and more...

Getting Started Document

PR: PTPRM Council Gaining Momentum

The vision of a standardized method to assess the risk management posture of third party suppliers...


Webinar: Third Party Risk Management with the PTPRM Council

Hear from PTPRM Council leaders John Houston (UPMC), Omar Khawaja (Highmark, Inc.) and Taylor Lehmann (Wellforce)...


Case Study: How UPMC Manages Third-Party Risk

To ensure vendor security, UPMC turned to the HITRUST CSF Assessment for help with managing third-party risk...

Case Study

HITRUST: How Do I Know if an Assurance Report is Rely-Able?

There are three key areas one should address. The first area involves the controls themselves, as they must be...


HITRUST: Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Qualification Methodology

A streamlined approach to qualifying a third party for a business relationship leveraging the HITRUST CSF and CSF Assurance Program


HITRUST Assessment XChange Overview

Simplify and streamline the third party risk management process by utilizing the HITRUST Assessment XChange...


Third-Party Risk Management: Methodologies, Programs, and Services

An introduction to the HITRUST Third-Party Risk Management Program, and the need for organizations to proactively evaluate and  manage the business risks...


HITRUST CSF & CSF Assurance Overview

Why the HITRUST Risk Management Framework is the Best Approach for the Healthcare Industry...


PTPRM Model Contract for Third Parties

Model contract used by Council Participants for 3rd Party engagement


PTPRM Example - Industry Memo

Example template to provide to industry contacts after joining the PTPRM Council

Memo Template

PTPRM Example - Vendor Memo

Customizable Vendor Communication for Adopting Providers

Memo Template
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