Who is on the PTPRM Council?

Prominent Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from leading health systems and providers throughout the country have come together to establish the Provider Third-Party Risk Management Council to develop, recommend and promote a series of practices to effectively manage their information security-related risks in their supply chain and to safeguard patient safety and information.

Why is this important?

Effectively assessing the security posture of the supply chain is prohibitively expensive given the complexity of the risks posed by information privacy and system security concerns. Not to mention, an ever-changing regulatory landscape. The challenges we face go well beyond resources and capabilities, posing a huge challenge for organizations and third parties to create, administer, respond to and manage assessments. In addition, ineffective security, compliance and assurance methods drive cost and confusion within organizations and across third parties.

PTPRM Member Benefits

By joining the PTPRM Council you will be delivering on the mission of your organization by delivering a more streamlined third-party risk management cybersecurity strategy. 

  • Become an industry leader
  • Participate in the HITRUST Assessment XChange 
  • Exchange best practices and experiences with your peers
  • Improve your cybersecurity posture
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by leveraging the collective power of the Council